Tryout Information

Tryouts are currently closed. We host tryouts every semester, so look out for information for Fall 2024 Tryouts!

For physical tryouts, there will be three judges that will check each attempt for certain things on each lift. You will have three attempts at each discipline for a total of nine attempts per tryout. Once you have attempted a weight, you can attempt the same weight or heavier, but you will not be able to lower the weight at all. If do not have at least one successful attempt from each discipline, you will not be able to receive a total and will not make the team. The total signified in the chart below is just a baseline total. Hitting this total does not guarantee you a spot on the team. You should aim to hit this total or higher during your tryout, but we will also be judging based on attitude, work ethic, and how well we think your personality would fit with our team. 

We DO NOT currently do weigh ins for tryouts.

Warm-ups should be done before your tryout time.

The weight class is the maximum body weight that someone can be to hit the corresponding total. (Ex: a 130lb male would have to total at least 790lbs, while a 140lb male would have to total at least 860lbs)

Lifts will be judged in accordance with the USA Powerlifting rulebook.