What if I don't hit the baseline total for my weight class?

Good news! This year we are also taking other factors into account besides your tryout total. If you miss the baseline total for your weight class, we will take the information from your application into account, and we will get to know you better at your second tryout date to see if you might still be a good fit for the team. If you don't make it onto the team, we hold tryouts every semester, and you can try out again! Be sure to train during these few months with competition standards in mind, and follow a powerlifting-specific program. We have a few templates here to get you started in the right direction.

What if I've competed before?

If you have competed raw in a powerlifting meet in the past year and would like to join the team, fill out the physical tryout exemption form. You will not need to complete a physical tryout, but you must attend the tryout date.

What if I've never powerlifted before?

Our team has a very broad range of members ranging from years of experience to complete beginners. Our coaching staff and board members will help answer any questions you might have, and set you up for success in your first meet!

Is there a way to be on the team without competing? 

Right now we require all active members to compete in at least one meet per year. We try to send a group of members to a few local meets each semester to give you a choice in location and date.

What if I am a graduate/doctoral student?

Our main team focus is scoring points at collegiate meets, which you have to be 25 or younger to qualify for. If you are over this age but are still a full time student, you can still represent the team at non-collegiate meets, but we will not be able to provide you with funding, practice space, or coaching.

Will I be provided with an individual program?/Do I have to follow a specific program?

Our head coach provides his own individualized programming and coaching services, but he charges a separate fee. You can check out his coaching profile as well as make inquiries about his services here.

You are not required to follow any one particular program, as long as you are following some form of powerlifting specific program. You can find information about template programs our coach recommends here