Meet the Board

Emily Reynolds


Emily Reynolds is our president! She is currently a Junior at UW-Madison and is planning to major in Neurobiology with a certificate in Athletic Healthcare. Her favorite compound is the squat and her favorite memory is her first ever meet and getting to experience it with her teammates! Emily has represented the team multiple times at Collegiate Nationals, and at Raw Nationals in 2023!

Lifting page: @emilypwrlifts

Liam Rott

Vice President

Our current vice president is Liam Rott. He is majoring in Biology with an athletic healthcare certificate. Like our president, his favorite compound is squat! His tryout in 2022 is his favorite memoryy because of the insane energy and how supportive everyone on the team was! 

Lifting page: @liampowerlifts

Nicholas Johnson


Transitioning from fundraising to treasurer, we have Nicholas (AKA Nick)! Nick is majoring in finance (perfect for his position)! His fondest memory with the team was trying not to die while spotting 600+ lbs at the High School State meet!

Lifting page: @nickjohnson_100

Callah Dornfeld

Head Captain

Head captain, Callah Dornfeld, is currently a Junior majoring in Kinesiology with an Athletic healthcare certificate and certificate for Diverse Abilities. One of her favorite memories of being on the team is mc'ing the Badger Classic in 2024.

Lifting page: @ur_gym_pal_cal

Jackson Rammer

Travel Coordinator

Jackson is our travel coordinator! If you are interested in going to a team meet or Collegiate Nationals, he will be arranging all of the travel for those events! He is majoring in legal studies and criminal justice. His favorite team memory is the Triathlon meet that he competed at with Jonah and Mike!

Lifting page: @raymerlifts

Ruby Wachter

Social Media/ Communications Manager

Ruby is currently a sophomore at UW-Madison with plans to major in Kinesiology with an Athletic Healthcare certificate. Her favorite compound is bench and her favorite memory with the team is her tryout in Fall 2022. If you have any questions, reach out to the email or instagram and she will get back to you!

Lifting page: @rjwlifts

Caleigh Esposito

Social and Event Organizer

Caleigh (AKA Cal) is a Junior and is majoring in Political Science with a certificate in European Studies! Her favorite of the three lifts is squat. All socials will be hosted by her, so make sure to say hi whenever you attend! Don't forget that attending a social is mandatory each semester. 

Lifting page: @espopwrlifts

Anthony Matranga

Apparel Chair

Anthony (AKA Tony) is one of our newest board members. He is taking over for Trent and has lots of fresh ideas for future apparel! He is a junior currently and is studying Finance at the Business school. Keep an eye out next semester for new apparel dropping!

Lifting page: @am.pwrlft

Aliki Ameer

Fundraising Chair

This is Aliki's first semester on the board as our fundraising chair. She is majoring in industrial engineering. A couple of her favorite moments on the team is cheering on new lifters at team tryouts and getting yelled at for being too loud. Bench is her favorite lift. Fundraising is required, so if you have any questions, direct them her way!

Lifting page: @likilifts

Trent Payne

Junior Safety Officer

Currently transitioning into the role of safety officer, we have Trent! He is currently a Junior who is majoring in Kinesiology with an Athletic Healthcare certificate with an interest in Athletic Training. His most memorable moment with the team was seeing all of his friends succeed at Collegiate Nationals!

Lifting page: @trentlikespowerlifting_

Liam Edgar

Senior Safety Officer

Liam Edgar is currently a 3rd year Medical student interested in sports medicine, mental health, and pediatric care. He has been powerlifting for about 4 years now and is passionate about making the sport inclusive, competitive, and fun for all. Outside of the gym, you can find him hiking up mountains, cracking dad jokes, playing the piano, or cooking. He currently holds the role of Head Safety Officer for Badger Powerlifting!

Lifting page: @papaswolesome