Coaching & Group Programming

Kenny Allen

Head Team Coach

I hold a B.S. in exercise science from UW-Madison and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree also from UW-Madison. I have coached lifters from 18-60+, from brand new to those that have lifted for more than a decade, both equipped and raw, and at all levels from local to national. I love the sport of powerlifting and enjoy teaching all parts of lifting. I also help people learn about injuries and how one might rehab them.

Instagram: @read.the.literature

Reactive Training Systems Group Programming

Badger Powerlifting now offers Group Programming through Reactive Training Systems! This is meant for anyone who does not currently have an individual coach because we understand a personal coach is expensive, and free templates don't quite cut it. The cost of group programming is included in your dues and fundraising. Group programming is currently in a trial period for the 2023-2024 season. Our Head Coach, Kenny, will work with you to place you into the programming “group” that will likely work best for you, and this will update as needed if the training is not helping you. Kenny is also available for questions and suggestions regarding all parts of training.